How Children Naturally Learn

Source: How Children Naturally Learn

“Schools don’t need to be punitive places, and there is no need for curriculums to be developed that focus primarily on textual information, to expect young people to sit alone at computers for hours, or to silently remain seated at desks in rows while an adult stands in the front and talks to them. That is just NOT how human beings learn!

It’s industrial era madness to constantly test and measure children, to collect data from them, compare them to one another, to expect them all to learn the same things, at the same time, same speed or in the same way.

This mechanistic paradigm of learning was introduced at the beginning of the last century, a factory model of schooling designed to train future workers, to foster dependence, conformity and obedience, not creativity, self-direction, collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking or a love of learning.

This is not how children’s bodies, hearts and brains are designed to learn, which is why so many children (and adults) in modern societies have disliked school. That is not how the most creative human beings in history developed their talents, and its not how most of us developed the skills and abilities that are most meaningful to us.”